so i got my first tattoo 9 days after i turned 18. “somewhere weakness is our strength” from let the flames begin across the top of my thigh. its been my favourite quote from any of their songs since i started listening to them 5 years ago and their music has helped me through some tough times :)

Dedicated my 3rd tattoo to them! I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. I’ve wanted a Paramore tattoo for a while but I had such a hard time choosing something to represent them. I couldn’t pick just one album or just one song because I love them all. Their music is one of the few things that’s remained consistent in my life and I fall in love with them a little more every time I hear one of their songs.

my second paramore tattoo, taken from the badge/t-shirt design from their merch store. absolutely in love with it and im so pleased